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s not exactly this merchant w●hom I should like to cite as a●n example of my point, for it ●is just he who has brought upon [Pg ▓275]Moscow the reputation for bein▓g hos

  • dignity of position ▓displace to a degree of a
  • bsolute hostility all ▓morality.Elegantly and fas
  • hionably cloth▓ed, one is always ready to wager one's
  • life, or● rather to throw it into the balan●ce, for the most valueless stake.One is ir▓religious and ant
  • i-moral on ▓principle, but of the strictest out●ward orthodoxy and monarchical to the very ma●r
row. It is to this anti-moral (a●nti-democratic) superficial
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te self-sufficiency of the mer●chant with his old-fashioned vi▓ews.Just as this kupetz does not allow himself▓ to be dazzled by the elegant-looking clerk o▓f the St.Petersburg merchant, but cling▓s to his ancestral ways, so the Moscow no●bleman is not da


Stev Joni
de ▓his caftan,

zzled by the eleganc●e of the dressy St.Petersburg officer of

Alisher Usmanov
the ancestr

t●he guards.People dress elegan▓tly in Moscow, too—yes, even in t●he Parisian style.But the conte▓mptible inhumanity of the strug▓gling official of St.Peters

Stev Joni
al overcoat, or?/span>

burg does not app●eal to the Moscowite as civilizational p●rogress, but as a metropo


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pised.And so among the bright peop●le of Moscow patriarchal hear▓tiness is preserved.It wa

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